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What’s the deal with GM’s execs?

There’s an interesting chain of events happening over at GM.  I read a couple of articles on my favorite blogs Brand for Talent and BNET about GM’s dumb plan to ‘rebrand’ Chevys as Chevrolets!  Well, it’ll be interesting how this gaffe goes over with those of us who love and drive Chevy vehicles!  What are they thinking?  Below is my take on the madness!

“The success of a brand lies in the hands of the consumer. How does the customer view your company and your ‘brand’? That’s what matters! GM execs really need to pay attention. Chevrolet does not evoke any emotion in me. I’m not endeared to Chevrolet. For me it is just a part of the company’s corporate identity. As a consumer, the only time I care about corporate is when their actions and behaviors affect me (positively or negatively). But Chevy on the other hand connects with my emotions. My son and I both drive Chevys. We’re proud of that fact. I cannot imagine that by calling our cars Chevrolets we will begin to feel better about them. Our cars are Chevys. Period point-blank. I hope tha GM will spend the time to talk to the consumer before making what might very well be one of the worse branding mistakes of their existence.”