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A 3 Step Action Plan for Landing Your Next Job

                                                                                                                                          Looking for a job can be a long process. This can sometimes be disheartening. The good thing is  you can come out on the other side with a suitable and fulfilling job. In order to keep focus and stay positive, you should always keep this in mind: looking for a job is a job in itself. The best way to set yourself up for successful job searching is to create a daily to do list/action plan and stick to it. Your action plan/to do list should list all the things you’re going to do and when you’re going to do them. This simple list will help you move toward your goal and keep you motivated at the same time.action plan

As with all action plans, you should start with the end in mind. So when you’re job searching this means that you need to consider what you want from a job in terms of salary, lifestyle, work-life balance, and career progression. What is the point in taking just any job? This could lead to you not being satisfied. When you are not happy, you don’t do your best. This will leave you job searching all over again.

action plan

To get you started here is an effective three steps action plan:

  • Step 1 – Create a clear goal of what you want from your next job.
  • Step 2 – Create a detailed list of activities that support your goal.
  • Step 3 – Record your daily actions on a free calendar.

Create an Action Plan of Actionable Goals 

The precise actions in your action plan will depend on your career goal. If your goal is to change careers, the action plan that supports your goal will be very different from that of someone  looking for their first job. However all job searching action plans include the same elements:

  • Define your goal– What job(s) goals do you want to achieve?
  • Prepare yourself – Spend some time understanding what you have to offer.
  • Research opportunities – Do your homework.  Only apply to jobs that you really want and are qualified to do.
  • Prepare your documents – Having resume, cover letter, transcripts, certifications, and other documents ready saves a lot of time.
  • Apply – Make sure you’re paying attention to the application deadlines.
  • Interview – This is your chance to sell yourself and seal the deal.
  • Follow Up –  get feedback every, single time and use it to improve whatever is suggested to you in the feedback.
  • Self-care – Job searching is stressful. Always leave time for yourself to rest and relax. You deserve it!!!!

List the Activities that Support Your Action Plan

action planThe key action that  will get you a job is applying. So set yourself a weekly quota of how many jobs you are going to apply for. Let’s say you’re going to apply for three jobs each week.  This then defines the other items in your to do list . You will need to:

  • research the three jobs,
  • prepare your documents for each job,
  • follow up after an appropriate amount of time with the hiring manager.

Populate these items in your free calendar and you’re ready to go!

action plan

Use Free Calendar Options as Your Personal Assistant

Your schedule can be any kind of simple, free calendar. You can use either an offline calendar such as Calendarpedia or an online calendar like ZoHo Calendar. Choosing the option that is easiest for you will ensure that you actually use it. Another great resource for free calendars is the website Time and Date

Remember these few tips:

  • The best action plan is the one that you will stick to.
  • Make sure that your plan is simple, easy to follow, and manageable.
  • Don’t give yourself more than a handful of to do items every day.
  • Monitor your action plan every day – are you achieving what you set out to do? If not, why not?
  • Keep realistic goals.
  • Seek out new resources if needed.

action plan




You will need to adjust your action plan over time.   This is normal so don’t beat yourself up for not achieving everything on your to do list on any given day. The great thing about printable calendars is that they can easily be edited. You can re-print them and adjust your schedule at any time! Self-management is an important life skill. Learning how to do it effectively should be celebrated, not resisted.

If you create a job searching action plan and schedule based on these simple principles you will find a suitable job in due time.

Happy planning and good luck!