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Soft Skills: Do You Have What Employers Want?

When looking for a job, don’t you wish you had some magic dust to sprinkle over your resume to help you get the job? When an employer came to your name, they would just KNOW…THIS IS THE ONE!!!

That would be totally awesome, right???

If we just knew what  skills employers wanted,  it would be GAME ON!!!  Unfortunately, there is no magic dust for us to sprinkle.   So what are we to do? Well, it’s not like we don’t have anything to offer.  We just have to figure out how to make it work for us.

Seems like employers want the moon these days. But what they’re really looking for are candidates who may be easier to work with.  Every job is going to have requirements. However, there are key  soft skills all employers want their employees to have. Basically, they want to see a candidate’s ability beyond the job description.

Now you may be asking yourself, What are soft skills?  “Soft skills” is a term used to describe your personal qualities, attitudes, and habits that makes you a great employee.  Truth is, employers value these skills as much as they do “hard” or “technical” skills.

Having soft skills that count in today’s job market can give an applicant an edge over others.  The following soft skills are definitely on the top of most employers’ list.

soft skills

7  Soft Skills Needed for Success in the Workplace

1.  Communication

Can you present your thoughts in a way that everyone can understand?

Having great communication skills is high on the list for most employers.  With the pop­u­lar­ity of tex­ting and email, it’s easy to slack off on your communica­tion skills. Being able to present ideas to people is a  important part of being successful in the workplace.

2.  Team Player

Will you work well in groups and teams?

Being able to work well within a team is important.   A good team player has the team goals clear in their mind and works with others to achieve them.  When you can relate to others, you have a greater chance of advancing your career.

3.  Analysis and Research

Are you a problem-solver?

Employers want job candidates that have critical thinking  skills. They value workers who know how to approach problems from different angles.  If you can analyze and solve problems as they occur, employers want you!!!

soft skills

4.  Adaptability

Are you able to adapt to new situations and challenges?

Your ability to adapt to situations that may occur makes you a valuable employee. It’s great if you are able to step outside your comfort zone and try your hand at something you haven’t done before.

5.  Time Management

Do you make the best of your time?

Knowing how to schedule your tasks in order to complete projects according to deadlines is a definite plus.  Prioritizing your work is important especially when you have multiple things to do at once.

6.  Teachability

Do you take direction well?

Accepting criticism and learning from it is not something that is very common. For those who can, this is a wonderful ability.  It is definitely a skill that employers seek in their staff. Also, being teachable means you are an asset. You can learn new things and can be coached.

7.  Self Confidence

Do you believe in yourself?

Self-confidence is the soft skill that says you can get the job done.  It is the belief in yourself that makes others believe in you.  If you are not convinced that you can do the job, why would anyone else think you can?

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Include These Soft Skills On Your Resume

Make your resume stand out by highlighting your soft skills.  Use your cover letter to go into more detail about those skills. Remember, your skills and abilities are important tools you need to succeed in the workplace. They are all things that you can learn and develop over time.


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