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4 Productive Things to do While Job Searching

Being out of work and trying to figure out what to do can be a difficult situation. Usually, the first week is a nice break from the normal routine. You’re free from the stress of traffic, annoying alarm clocks, and anything else that comes with your daily job routine. It’s a welcome change of pace for a while. But when the “vacation” is over, you will most likely find yourself getting restless and anxious to find the next opportunity. Soon you will be thinking of things to do to keep yourself busy while you look for work.

Your extra free time can be a great opportunity to not only find a new job, but also improve yourself and explore things you have never considered.

Here are a few ideas of things to do that just might uncover an amazing opportunity and improve your life in ways you have never thought of.

things to do

Learn to Market Yourself

We a part of a global community. A much different world now than existed 20 years ago. We move much faster and the world is generally smaller. The days of staying at the same job for 30 years are behind us. In today’s economy, it is important to learn how to market yourself and continually improve your work ethic. The next time you find yourself without a job and looking for things to do, knowing how to market yourself will make a huge difference in the opportunities you have.

Four things to do to start your self-marketing plan:

  • Set up a professional looking Facebook page
  • Create a profile on LinkedIn
  • Display a professional image on Google+
  • Start a professional blog

These are all important things to do. Most social media accounts are free and allow you to connect with all types of different groups, people, and find new opportunities. Make sure your profiles are showcasing your talents. Make a few posts on how to be a great employee or how to help a business get to the next level. You just might get a message from an employer that wants to talk to you. Just keep in mind, you need to always keep things professional.

Things to do

Join Local Organizations

Not sure where to begin? Do some research and find local organizations that match your career goals. There are plenty of organizations like local entrepreneurs groups or a local business owners group. Take steps to network with groups that have regular meetings. This will expand your network of contacts and open more doors to new opportunities. Remember to be consistent. Stay active in the groups you join. You might just have a little fun while meeting new people. This definitely beats sitting at home thinking about things to do with your free time. You may even hear about new businesses or leads you can take advantage of before any jobs are even posted.

things to do

Learn a New Skill

Do you know how to create Excel spreadsheets or work with Google sheets? What about Microsoft Word or PowerPoint? If you’re not a computer savvy person these are great skills to learn. If you are pretty proficient, there is always room for improvement. Basic computer skills are a requirement for most jobs these days. If you are sitting around and wondering what to do, this the perfect time to learn something new. Learning to work with a different software program or computer system is always a plus. It’s also something you can add to your resume. There are also numerous things to do that do not involve computers. Learning any new skill is always a plus.

Being without a job will make you more conscious of money. If you are strapped for cash try to find some free things to do. A good place to start is by visiting your local library. Libraries are valuable resources especially to job seekers. They are always offering free activities and other things to do.

Other things to do can include:

  • Improving a professional skill– This is a perfect time to develop the skills you offer and come out stronger for it.
  • Volunteering– Your decision to help out can possibly turn into a job, either there or elsewhere.
  • Following stories on hot industries and job functions-Not only are you keeping yourself in the loop of what’s going on, you just might come across a job opportunity.
  • Hobbies or personal interests – Is it something you’ve always wanted to try? Do it! Whatever it is, you have the time. Who’s stopping you?

Maintaining your work ethic and learning a new skill will make you more marketable and more attractive to employers. If done properly, it may even make you qualified for a better job with a higher salary.

things to do

Get Your Own Website For Free

Websites are easy to set up and there are plenty of providers offering excellent free hosting. If you are looking for things to do; why not set up your very own personal website? Having a personal website will give you the opportunity to display your personality, showcase your skills, and highlight your work ethic. Post your resume, write a small “about me” page and add a few posts about business topics that show what you know. There are many providers offering free web hosting and easy site building tools. Sites like  WeeblyWordPress,  and Wix are good options to get you started.

You don’t have to be on a job to learn cool stuff and be on cool projects. You control what you do with your time, so make it useful. You are not a robot that just cranks out cover letters and resumes, after all. Job searching can drive you crazy if you allow it to. Keeping busy helps you stay sane and much more positive. It also helps your job search in ways you might not have realized before. Whatever you do or don’t do during that time gets reflected in how you present yourself to the outside world.

So much of the job search process is beyond our control. What you do for and with yourself during that time is critical, so make the most of it. And find opportunities to remind yourself that you are far more than just a resume waiting to be found! There are always things to do. Your happiness and peace of mind are what’s important. So get out there!!!! Find things to do so you remain active.


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